Welcome to Africas Footprint Safaris

We have had the pleasure and the privilege of spending umpteen hunting expeditions with great hunters who love the bush and its subsequent activities as much as we do.

South Africa has the world’s richest and most varied wild-animal population.
The sounds of man and game echo eerily in the bush and in the early morning preparations are made for a magnificent hunt.

You will be treated with professionalism and will be guided to track and to hunt the species of your desire.
In addition you will be afforded the opportunity to share your experience by way of on the spot photography and subsequent taxidermy.

We offer a big range of plains game and big five on selected concessions throughout Southern Africa. No hunting trip is too big or too small. The bush and the environment are an experience which will never be forgotten and the hunting of game, the highlight of your life.

With our hunting techniques and earned experience, we strive to hunt game in a professional and state of the art manner. We will coach and humbly advise you of proper selection and hunting of the desired trophy.
Spend your first or next hunting trip with us in the bush and experience the time of your life when expectations and dreams materialize.

Comments, testimonials and references of hunters from all over the world are available on request which reflect our integrity, tenacity and competency.

Hugo Du Plessis